As a professional musician Luke Powers has written, recorded and performed with touring bands locally, nationally and internationally since 2008.


   Luke’s musical influences are as varied as his style and genre- blurring background. He first learned to play gospel in church at age 12. Soon, his musical journey led him to punk rock house shows in Southern Indiana, then indie rock on the stages of Brooklyn. He further evolved with southern rock on the Sunset Strip and finally to country in the roadside honky-tonks of Southern Georgia.

   As a solo artist, Luke has given up the hired-gun lifestyle to focus on his calling as a singer-songwriter, creating honest Americana music. He considers his biggest writing influences to be John Prine, Willie Nelson, and Jim Croce. His live performances are a combination of artful storytelling and skillful guitar.


   Luke’s first solo record, “Wolf in the Woods,” was self released in 2016. He recently completed a new album "Time to Shine" in Nashville featuring members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, and Sheryl Crow that is slated to release in spring 2020.