Nestled in the woods of Brown County, Indiana lives woodworker, master craftsman, and singer-songwriter Luke Powers.  With sounds similar to Willie Nelson, John Prine, Guy Clark, and Jim Croce-  Powers’ songwriting touches the soul of the blue-collar class. His days are spent in the woodshop where each cut and splinter become an inspiration for the music he writes and the songs he sings. A marriage of creativity, Power’s honed his voice and style as he worked with his hands.  So when the opportunity presented itself for him to record his forthcoming TIME TO SHINE in Nashville with an all-star band, he jumped.


His forthcoming album, TIME TO SHINE, covers emotions from the pursuit of love and happiness, heartbreak, and teenage nostalgia with a tongue in cheek quirkiness.  Recorded at SunDog studio in East Nashville, Tennessee with Audley Freed (guitar), Robert Kearns (bass), Fred Eltringham (drums), and Jen Gunderman (keys).  TIME TO SHINE  embraces his biggest musical influences.  The first track and title cut ‘Time to Shine’, is a nod to Willie Nelson with a bright introspective vocal and raw acoustic guitar leading the band into an upbeat Red Headed stranger-esqe honky tonk outro.  Originally slated to be released in Spring of 2020 TIME TO SHINE was met with the obstacles that all musicians faced.  “Like for so many artists, Covid made everything harder. So I just decided to take some time to work on myself, my work, and my family” says Powers.  In that time Powers has also spent time prolifically writing and honing his craft as a true storyteller.  The album’s first single “Impending Doom” rich with a cosmic country vibe showcasing the heartbreak of unreciprocated love was released in Fall of 2019 with “Jewelry Box” following in early 2020.  His next single slated to be released in May of 2022, “Thunderstorm”, is a mid-tempo rocker soaked in baritone guitar and clever word play. 

Powers, now a husband, father, and business owner, is taking aim at using his own brand of folk wisdom to tell the tales of the human condition.  Through his many years playing different genres, his experienced craftsmanship, and his wordsmithing coupled with his skillful guitar playing makes TIME TO SHINE an instant classic that is sure to stand the test of time. 

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